I've chosen an eclectic approach of fusing digital media & traditional techniques into mixed media artwork.
Some pieces are created directly on glass - while others showcase one of my original digitally-rendered  backgrounds created specially for that piece.
Once printed and mounted, each element from my vast collection of vintage jewelry, semi-precious stones, antique buttons, beads and sea glass is individually and intentionally hand-set.
I'm always on the lookout for interesting and unique materials to craft my growing menagerie of dragons, birds, turtles, insects and elephants.
My ultimate goal is to inspire a sense of connection to our natural world through my art.
The vintage Thailand frame is hand carved and painted in an incredibly beautiful floral pattern. Joy, as this elephant is named, acts as a reminder to enjoy life for what it is, to find gratitude each and every day, and to instill a smile in all who behold her.
There is a sawtooth hanger for easy hanging on the wall.

Available for Sale

This male four-legged wingless dragon, also known as a Drake from early 13th century lore, is inarguably resplendent in his glittering finery.
It was all very intentional - as an artist I couldn't have wished for a better subject to build upon.
Each tiny piece of glitz and whimsy brought my creature closer and closer to life as I envisioned him in my mind. 

Available for Sale
5x7in Sea turtles are available as custom order on a vintage frame. Allow 7-14 days for completion once order is placed. Request your Artwork


Orb Weaver was one of my favorite pieces I made (One of them! there are many! ) - I've always admired spiders in nature - yet so many people around me definitely do not feel the same.

So when I finally decided to make this piece, I took a chance it would not be received well.

Orb Weaver quickly sold - and I have plans to create more as striking as this one.
I've discovered it doesn't need to be the holiday season to enjoy a Christmas tree. I've created so many of these beautiful designs, from summertime to fall, and not one is ever the same.
I seek out vintage frames - sometimes tiny gilded and painted frames to showcase my trees on. Each one has been made to order - and I never tire creating them!
Dancing the Sky on Silvered Wings' is my rendition of a dove flying free into the dawning blue sky. Her wings are made of many elements, among them handmade paper beads that I twirled from old magazine ads. I especially love the carved bone rose at her breast - it was a vintage earring that had lost its partner.

My awe of birds and their ability to gracefully dance their way through life is my inspiration for this piece.

This piece sold, but if you are inspired by this one - let me know, I can make another similar, but not the same - that's what makes it so special!

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