She is In our Hearts Forever
This cat was a special request - the jewelry was all artist provided. It's not required to provide jewelry to create your piece - sometimes the subject matter is all that matters.
When we lose our pet to the rainbow bridge sometimes the best thing for our heart is to commemorate our loved one's passing with something beautiful and with meaning.
I was honored to create this piece.
The 8x10in background was reverse-painted on a clear acrylic panel. My favorite piece is the "I Love you all the Time" pin just under her gaze. 
It just fit perfectly.
Family Tree
This was the photo I messaged over just after adding the final piece on this family heart tree.
The majority of the jewelry in this piece was her own, but there were a few special pieces she gave me from her mother. This was a mother's day gift from the daughter.
On my part, there's a good deal of thought that goes into just which piece to place. It should of course fit, kind of like making a puzzle in reverse. Each piece should not only fill the space, but also tell a story of who or what we are trying to convey with this artwork.
The red dress in the trunk, the pearl silver pin, and the LOVE pin hidden in the branches are all playing a part in the song of this piece.
The 10.5x10.5in background was reverse-painted on a clear acrylic panel. I chose a drip effect with the colors.
She chose to fave this framed in a white shadowbox frame.

Pet Portrait
This gorgeous pair of dogs were mostly created using sea glass and vintage jewelry on a artist rendered digital background. All materials used were artist provided.
She requested a portrait of her 2 beloved fur babies together in one layout with the falling snow as a background.
One dog was almost pure white, and her tri-colored companion a green eyed beauty. I was provided with ample photography of these beautiful pups.
This was my first request to create two dogs in one frame.
Once this piece was completed, this framed portrait was shipped to its destination in California.
I've since created portraits of dogs, cats and even several horses.
Chow Chow
Another pet portrait! This guy was so much fun to create! I added a silver tag within the pieces that says "Best Buds". There's also a good amount of heart shaped pendants and pins.
The background is an artist created digital background created especially for this piece.
All the pieces used are artist-supplied, and this piece was framed in a 8x10 deep shadow box frame.
Check back, as I continue adding my commissioned work on this page.
Questions? Contact me.
Thank you for your interest in my work!

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