I luckily stumbled upon some amazing mentors and artists while despairing just why I had zero traction on my brand new Etsy storefront.
It was then I was introduced to several invitation-only art groups on Facebook, where art is regularly sold directly to collectors by pre-approved artists - via auction.
I am grateful to be part of such a vibrant artist community where I've been regularly selling my artwork as a Core Artist. These groups cater to collectors & lovers of all kinds of art, and jewelry. 

During the summer of 2022 I had my first gallery show at a local neighborhood gallery, Triple R Gallery – I actually sold a few of my pieces during the opening night reception. 
I was thrilled.

What followed thereafter were a series of outdoor shows during the summer of 2023 where I was accepted to participate as a juried artist. It was my first time applying, submitting work and being told my work was actually good enough to be part of a serious art show.
I was terrified.
2023: My year as a juried artist 
June: Set up for that first weekend show was a valiant struggle - my tent of course being the wrong color (blue) than everyone else, and I ridiculously brought along too many tables. I was flummoxed.
And terrifyingly, that first morning of set-up, I had no idea how to arrange said tables within the allotted 10x10' space.
It somehow miraculously worked out. The show was Naperville Fine Art & Artisan Fair, noted for being the longest-running art show located in Illinois.
All the other artists I met were supportive and amazing. I count more than a few of them today as true friends.
And the big-hearted patrons who poured into the fair really made the show. At the end of the weekend - I knew I had found my people.
Everything was so simple to me.
Create. Sell and Repeat. 
(Well actually it's: Learn, Refine, Review, then Repeat - and hopefully continue to Sell)
Refining and growing

Yes, I bought the white tent. It's heavier, but a wonder for multi-day shows.

Sept 2023: 
Art in the Barn located in Barrington was my second official juried Art event. 
Things started out way better for me that weekend. We had a perfect location - the very first booth near a major entrance. Luckily the weather was picture perfect for outdoors in September.
This time I added a pair of tall display panels that I had painstakingly refurbished on which to hang my larger art pieces and smaller Christmas ornaments. 
Months prior I worked nonstop to create a sizeable inventory of original pieces (in both jewelry and artwork) - all we had to contend with was the hot sun on our shoulders. I felt pretty prepared with my vintage Asian parasol (chuckle, sorry not for sale).
 The sale was another success.
Onward we go
2023 was such a life changing year for me. It marked the acceptance and validation of my work and path as an artist.
As an emerging artist based in Chicago - a town teeming with limitless (and extremely talented) artists, I know I will always have work to do. 
A strong and disciplined work ethic is imperative for me to continue creating to the highest level.
Ultimately 2024 looks to be a busy year as I've already begun to book new shows and continue to learn, grow and refine my process. My 2024 show schedule is underway!

Please keep checking back on my pages where I will be showing updates, works in progress and where you can find me at any given month.
This site will continue to grow and evolve just as I plan to.

Good Vibes. Butterfly. (the name of my etsy store, btw)

At Home with the Artist
Two of my favorite photos which really show me in my element.
The first photo is of our beloved rescue pup, Stella, who has graced us with 8 of the most amazing years. Known to howl ridiculously loud every time we practice the piano (she loves it) and sleeping on her favorite place in the house, my (actually really it's all hers) trampoline - she keeps me and my husband grounded & happy.

The 2nd photo, of me taking a moment on Lake Michigan last summer - is where I am while not creating or teaching, and my home away from home, and where my inner soul smiles widest.
And yes, I do paddle year round. Ask me about it next time you see me.
Life is good :)
A final blurb about what keeps me keeping on - my yoga! I like to say without my yoga there would be no art and without my art there would be no yoga. If you feel like diving into another story - I invite you to come along ..

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