In the fall of 1997, I exited higher education armed with a freshly minted BFA in Fine Arts from Columbia College in Chicago. My dream was simply to illustrate and draw my way thru life. Well, life had other plans for me.
At the time there was a huge demand in designers, even those with little to no experience. The market was booming and I learned everything html and Photoshop on the job at an incredible startup by the name of AIS headquarted in downtown Chicago.
I loved designing, then building out my designs for our clients -
To name a few, Crains New York, Standford University, Hyatt Hotels,, Chicago Fire Soccer .. it was a heady time.
Today, I continue designing and maintaining the websites I've built for a range of clients - from conception to deployment - utilizing Wordpress, CSS, PHP, Ecommerce, MySQL databases, Social Media, Graphics and video. Content management and navigation solutions with the same attention to detail and geeky love of code as ever.
My work mantra - "Why just work and live for a happy retirement? Why not work and live for a happy life?"
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