Beads are procured from broken necklaces and antique bracelets. I search out and set aside special findings and semi-precious stones - as well as pearls, sea glass and natural shells and pebbles.
I also have a huge collection of buttons. Who doesn't love buttons? And have added that and more into my creations.
Lately I have been enjoying creating my art on either glass or acrylic panels that I reverse-paint. I utilize a technique similar to acrylic pour, while also employing brushes to create more dimensional-ity and interest. 
I love this part of the process because I so love working with color.
Eclectic Substrates

I also have been working on salvaged pieces of wood and driftwood - almost anything that resonates with me can become my next canvas.
Once my substrate is prepared, each element from my vast collection is individually and intentionally hand-set. This process can take tedious hours and many days to complete. I work with beads and elements from just 1 mm and up - this process is very time intensive and is how my work takes on a life of its own.
Mermaid on driftwood is one of my favorite pieces. She rests on a driftwood that I personally discovered in 2023 on a secluded beach at Lake Superior, near Pictured Rocks. After painstakingly sanding, I sealed the wood and also added a hanging wire on the back - so before I even began the mermaid design she would be all set to hang securely on the wall.
I took care to incorporate sealife objects such as shells and sea glass - but my most favorite piece is the carved abalone shell button, located below her breast. The more you gaze at my art and discover the hidden treasures within, the more you realize there is a story to be told within each unique piece. I like to think of this as good karma.
My ultimate goal is to inspire a sense of connection to our natural world through my art.
Frames, panels, Wood .. 
almost anything can become my next canvas
Found materials are sometimes completely remade, are repaired, painted and otherwise given a second chance.
Check out a selection of some of my more unusual reclaimed and repurposed pieces.

I'm always on the lookout for interesting and unique materials to craft my growing menagerie of dragons, birds, turtles, insects and elephants.
It's so important to Love what you do. And I can say without a second thought - I am in love with creating my art & jewelry creations. 
I take great joy in finding a little bit of the magic I see in the everyday, from a pretty pebble or a midcentury necklace - and elevating it into a purposeful and beautiful piece of art. 

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