My yoga teaching career started in 2007 - and I continue teaching one-on-one and small group weekly through my website,
Currently, you can find me every Thursday night and Sunday morning for a yoga workout class at Underground Fitness located in Uptown Park Ridge north of Chicago.
Until recently I held a year-round outdoor workout at the local parks and forest preserves - yes, even during winter!
I call my teaching style Adventure Fitness, offering a selection of classes that challenge, yet are fun and inspire. All levels are always welcome.
 Enjoy some of my favorite photos from my classes.  Also, be sure to learn more at, - I'm always adding new offerings!
Mary Lou Cerami
RYT200 Yoga Instructor
ACA SUP L2 Paddle board Instructor

Life is full of meandering paths. If our path was smooth and straight, we wouldn’t become the people we are. The bumps I encountered in the road are when I was forced to persevere. When I first learned to paddle board, I was terrified of falling off my board. I wouldn’t allow myself to relax, my muscles became so tense I wasn’t able to breath and notice my surroundings.
But when I finally learned to relax, to ground into my feet, to remain rooted and upright and strong – well, after that anything was possible, and still is.
Paddle boarding is the ultimate parallel of life. We fear falling in every sense of the word, but it’s when we fall, and learn to fall with grace, that’s when we become who we are destined to be.
It’s incredible to witness any one of my students move through the stages of fear and lack of confidence and in the end, emerge determined and strong – it’s really something to behold, and it's changed me beyond words.  ~Mary Lou
Yoga & SUP
I began my teaching career as a yoga instructor at Chicago-area yoga studios, but it wasn't long before I found a way to teach yoga on standup paddleboards on Lake Michigan every summer. My company and my name has been synonymous with SUP Yoga since 2011.
SUP has been and always be an all consuming passion for me. And although today my art career has taken precedence, I still continue to teach limited private classes at two locations every summer. And you are sure to find me on the lake (usually with my paddle pup, Stella) savoring every moment I can spare paddling on my board.
Workout with friends
There's nothing like working out with a group of like-minded individuals. We always work hard - but also have fun and support each other like friends should.
Weekly classes at Underground Fitness include all work out equipment including weights, kettlebells and medicine balls and we work out both on and off our mats.

You are guaranteed to leave feeling strong, balanced and relaxed, both inside and out. Check out the weekly schedule and join us for a class!

Photos were all taken with the bomb-proof Olympus TG- Tough series cameras through the years. Enjoy my adventures! Follow me on my social media channels as well as my Adventure Fitness website at And this year we celebrated twelve years of teaching. Life just doesn't get better than that. Good vibes!

Photos are property of Mary Lou Cerami and may not be reproduced without permission, Thank you.

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